Image of Ores & Minerals LP

Ores & Minerals LP


1. Bodies
2. Dan Higgs Particle
3. Significant Bullet
4. Ores & Minerals
5. Sucker Punched
6. Delancey Essex
7. Bite
8. Jaki
9. Leominster
10. Skulking
11. Slice

The Guardian... "While the hunt continues for a British band with guitars to get excited about, one worth several cheers is hiding in plain sight. Mazes' 2011 debut owed an audible debt to Pavement, but this second album suggests they've been listening to lots of Krautrock in the meantime. Though there are diversions in the tumbledown guitars of Sucker Punched and the shuffle of Delancey Essex, the defining sound is the four-to-the-floor drone, as on excellent opener Bodies; later on, Skulking is even better. Rather than throw musical ideas at the wall see what sticks, Mazes tend to take a single thought and make it work: it gives Ores and Minerals a refreshing clarity, all clean, straight lines. It helps, too, that they understand that while anyone can be a lo-fi DIY band, good lo-fi DIY bands win their fans because they have melodies as good as anything the groups in big studios can manage. Marvellous, and highly recommended."